6 Beginner Miter Saw Woodworking Ideas

I am imagining you are not searching for anything overly complicated, and probably something kind of pastoral? Or possibly something with fine sterile miter joints? Well, let us dive into a simple job some ideas to make the wheels spinning.


Kids Tool Box

Following is a motto I left for my son for Xmas. After this aspect, I wax and spray it. Using stencils I included his name into both the medial sides. This really is a fairly heavy responsibility arsenal also it goes great with all the tiny work-bench I built him 

Coffee Table

This really is among my earliest"bucolic" endeavors. Once I realized you are able to build decent quality, durable furniture using basic dimensional timber from Lowes, I have really motivated. I assembled this dining table and an entire collection of end tables from two ×6 walnut planks. Stained them dark and so they look older, bucolic, plus so they have been heavy. We love these. However, this specific coffee table proved to be a struggle as a result of the massive cross-width of this dining table. This demanded an even complicated glue upward.


Picture Frame

I did so this tutorial a couple weeks past. This was assembled together with my miter saw and Kreg pocket hole jig. Miter joints are able to look very nice if they're clean and crisp. That is what produces the movie frame a fantastic miter saw casting idea. It has not anything over 4 miter joints along with 4 parts of timber. Obviously, you will allow it to be even more complicated and elaborate if you desire, however, it's still a fundamental endeavor, it could be carried out in a few hours, plus also serves an excellent reason for the property -- Kick Your Photographs! 

Barn Door

The old-style barn-doors look very trendy. A lot of folks are recreating those doors within their houses, plus so they look very great. I know some man that required a few old barn timbers, cut it down to size, and then assembled a doorway like that. He attached wheels hung it on a course exactly like a true barn doorway. He did so as an entrance door in his dining space, plus it was very excellent.

It is extremely much like this process I mentioned previously, with a sliding barn doorway to get as part of your residence. The appearance is unique of the picture, however, you will make it look in either case. The graphic above is simple to find out with no comprehensive plans. The tutorial I simply connected to has a fantastic walkthrough to do the track and wheels.

Window Shutters

The following is a wonderful method to really decorate your residence. This film is just another rustic-style undertaking, also I think that it looks very cool. Evidently, this appearance wouldn't focus on everyone's house, however, the concept is simply exactly the exact same despite having increased contemporary appearing dividers.





Gazebo or Pavilion

That is absolutely a more complicated endeavor. That really is like a weekend job that'll likely set you back a few hundred dollars. However, how cool is to possess a stand out from your lawn, right? What a wonderful solution to earn your garden appear inviting and nice to get a patio gettogether. You are going to need to develop a rock terrace or even a deck whilst the bottom, then your gazebo towards the very top of it.

5 Best Miter Saw For The Money (Compound, Sliding) – Reviews & Top Picks

A miter saw may be among the very useful tools in your job shop. They're in fact crucial if you'd like in order to decrease angles and bevels right. Perhaps not many miter saws really are not worth buying, and also you want to equip yourself with all the advice which will assist you to create a more intelligent purchase of their ideal miter saws.

Within the following piece, we're definitely going to list the most characteristics which really are part of fantastic miter saws. We're going to record 4 different services and products which did well at the customer reviews and therefore are worth purchasing.


Top Picks Of 4 Best Miter Saw For The Money In 2019


#1. Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide


Using an abysmal glide cutting platform, this miter saw takes up 12-inches less space than competing saws. It's made by Bosch, one of the most popular names within the construction business.

With the GCM12SD, you'll make nearly every cut imaginable. This is just a perfect watch for shops and home users also it will endure regular use without complaint. The SquareLock Fence system lets you make all your stuff and is likely to make bevel cuts as well. 0-60 degree bevel cuts are possible with this saw.

And using its 15-amp, 3,800 RPM engine, it's in a position to go through the toughest materials readily. Its blade grip allows it to employ many different unique blades, further contributing to the sum of projects you are able to get done.

Overall this is actually a wonderful compound miter saw for that income. Bosch is always turning out great products and that one has a 1-year limited warranty.

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Product Features

15Amp Motor
12" Blade Diameter
0-60 Degree Bevel Capacity
SquareLock Fence System
Dust Capture Adaptor

#2. DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw


The largest drawback we have concerning this saw is the dust bag. It works great and can be among the very best dust collection processes that we've encountered, however, the tote can be found within an awkward spot that stops you from setting the saw up against the walls, this can be a significant problem when you've got small workshop.

This really is a superb saw however it's also on the high priced, you'll find different options that are nearly as proficient at a much cheap. It is not saying you ought to not get the Dewalt DWS780 only you should compare it with the other options. This could be the most useful sliding compound miter saw.

#3. Hitachi C12FDH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Miter Saw


This is viewed is just one of the most useful values you may see in regards to 1-2 inch miter saws. It's true and it has lots of power, it's also simple to fix.

You will find saws which all these matters a bit better but not one who comes at precisely the exact same budget.

This may make it perfect for the typical user who doesn't require an expert excellent miter saw, even though most professionals will probably be quite pleased with it at the same time.

Really the only criticism which we've with a Hitachi C12FDH is the fact that the blade it includes isn't of the very best value which means you'll probably wish to displace it. Apart from that people have been very pleased with this saw concerning quality for your purchase price.

#4. Makita LS1216L 12-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser



This really is a superb chemical miter saw to your work website. In reality that's exactly what it really is made for. It's not likely just an excellent alternative for usage in your home whilst the rack it includes will most likely occupy a lot of room on your look for the majority of people however also for use on work site it's best.

Like most of Bosch applications that this one is well assembled and it has lots of power. The saw works smoothly also create cuts that are accurate. The saw isn't especially loud, but you can find more silent saws but that 1 is good in this respect.

Adjustments are rather simple to create therefore that you shouldn't need a massive problem here. The single big difficulty I had with this particular saw is that it's fairly honestly overly complicated. Putting up it each time I reach the worksite might be a hassle as you can find many things that have to be corrected.

Overall I'd say this is a somewhat excellent watched to that Jobsite. It wouldn't be my first option, it'd be ranked better if it were you may more than likely not be let down if you have that particular one.


Think about that which makes up a miter saw. The subsequent issues/features will figure out exactly what miter watched you may choose, so browse carefully. If you are a newcomer to miter gears, then this is going to be a fantastic enlightening guide for you personally. Seasoned miter watched users might need to jump to these services and products. Here would be the miter watched issues/features to appear for/be mindful of for all those not used to these kinds of saws.

Need A Basic Or Compound Miter Saw?

A fundamental miter saw is really capable of earning basic cuts to timber and other substances. These simple miter saws don't have any bevel without a slip. It's only a simple saw.

A compound miter saw is a significantly higher level, and also is going to have a bevel, a slip, and different accessories to produce more high level and more precise cuts. They are able to have single or double bevels and start to become around with a vast array of blade diameters. It's ideal to get a compound miter saw in the place of an essential one as you won't ever know what job you might have to finish.


A miter saw on this amperage is more powerful enough to produce quick work of difficult stuff in which amperage of the engine generally lasts substantially more than less successful models.


This RPM rate gives the maximum degree of performance and poses the smallest quantity of trouble in finishing projects.

Blade Diameter

The size of the blade would be will figure out what type of projects you will be equipped to do. Typically, you are going to want a larger blade, as opposed to smaller ones. With a bigger blade, you could possibly receive all the tiny tasks done however you have the extra plus of having the ability to do quite big jobs too. Search for miter gears using a blade diameter of 1-2 inches.

Bevel Capacity And Positive Stops

Becoming equipped to tilt the blade into the left and also the right to create cuts, also referred to as beveling, is crucial that you the majority of miter users. Broadly speaking, left/right tilt level angles of 0-60 amounts are adequate for some projects.

Additionally, you will want to come across a miter saw that's"positive ceases", meaning pre-set amounts at which the blade locks into position. By way of instance, to get a certain job you might want to earn a string of 22.5 level and 31.6-degree reductions. Possessing accurate"positive stops" in such places allows one to create a quick job of the undertaking.

Manufacturer and Warranty

Make sure you purchase from a fantastic manufacturer. Additionally, you ought to make sure your purchase includes a long-lasting warranty. Producing the purchase doesn't mean nothing when the item is faulty in the mill.